V2 Authenticator App

The BaaSid V2 Authenticator App is the first product to split, distribute, and store a segmented piece of personal information without using a separate centralized database.
When requesting user authentication, the segmented data is re-joined. The data is deleted after use, ensuring a secure usage and maximum security.

Major Functions

  • 1. Can be implemented without changing existing services
    (= expansion of current services)
  • 2. Data cannot be sabotaged (= ensure security and safety)
  • 3. Hybrid system (= distributed storage of information)

Blockchain-based Authentication System

Configuration of the blockchain-based authentication system

Any information or credentials stored in a centralized database and server can be managed via user devices and blockchain to improve safety and reliability.

BaaSid V2 App Registration and Authentication Flow

Expectation effectiveness

Securing Safety and Reliability through Blockchain

Store personal information or authentication
information distributed among user devices
and blockchain.

Use Blockchain to prevent Hacking Risks

Difficult to acquire data from sources
that are stored
on a distributed ledger