Decentralized Technology (Based on Decentralized & Blockchain)

Technical Structure

Multi Verification System

IP & Packet & Device & FIDO Management

All blockchain nodes and data storage nodes in eXcelkey use strong authentication methods of complex multiplexing structures that match, verify and validate all authentication information, including licensed terminals, biometric information, IP and verification packets.

Key Technology

Split & Combine Engine

Text, images, and all other kind of common file formats can be divided into hundreds and thousands of data pieces. These data pieces can be re-combined to securely store or recover data without having to storing the original data separately on a centralized data storage device.

Instant Access

Single-time access temporarily completes a combination or certification. bringing together small pieces of stored data for data recovery and authentication. This data will be immediately deleted after the usage process.

Decentralized Storage

The Split Engine ensures that the split data pieces are securely managed by separating, distributing, and storing each of them physically in one bit units.

8000 TPS / Node

Decentralized parallel node structure enables rapid processing in the event of large simultaneous connections. (8,000 TPS per node)