eXcelkey Product descriptions (Based on Decentralized & Blockchain)

Current Status of 2FA Products

Current Status of 2FA Products - "Electronic Signature, 2nd Certification Market Rapid Growth"

Carrier certification OTP (S/W, H/W) Electronic signature/Insurance company SMS OTP Enterprise 2nd certification
Product type carrier principal identification App Google OTP, bank OTP terminal, etc. Self-certification + electronic signature Authentication by SMS OTP number Program Secondary Certification, I/O Control
Internet service principal authentication / Payment Authorization Virtual currency exchange, bank internet banking Self-certification, Electronic signature, Insurance Architect, insurance accident victim, Hospitals and patients, Health care Transferring various Internet services, Remittance, Cryptographic Money Exchange and Asset Platform, Online/Mobile Game Service ERP, Intranet, accounting/accounting program, Corporate Internal Programs, In/Out Control, Research Institute
Public Public Public & Private Public & Private Private
eXcelkey alternative market

eXcelKey Key use points


Insurance company

Corporate intranet

Online Payment/Financial Platform

PC/Mobile Games

Legal/Accounting management

University/Public office

R&D Research Institute/R&D

Hospital/Healthcare center

Cryptocurrency exchange

eXcelKey Service introduction

  • No touch, no click, no input thanks to FIDO biometric verification technology
  • It is not necessary to remember and input password or OTP authentication number
  • eXcelKey Application enables authentication of all types and only requires an easy installation & registration process
  • Simply use one-time QR code scan, when registering for a new verification
  • Application of separated data system without the existence of any original data
  • Blockchain prevents data sabotage through matching hash value principle
  • Multi-security through self-certification with support of FIDO
  • More secure by allowing only your device, user IP & packets
  • Strong secondary authentication protects your data, even if ID & PW is leaked
  • 50% to 80% cheaper than credit card companies, SMS OTP, and ARS 2CH certification
  • Eliminate development and server deployment costs (ASP)
  • Supports all types of secondary certification (self-identification) and supporys scalability
  • Free for 3 months, no immediate commitment
  • Large-sized enterprise can provide integrated authentication services to their customers via integrated SSOs
  • Customizable development with independent branding
  • All types of secondary authentication can be used with an eXcelKey app
  • Replace payments, security certification, primary certification and simple authentications

eXcelKey Comparison

excelKEY vs Other

eXcelkey secondary authentication Text message Base E-mail Google OTP OTP Machine Certificate PIN ID & PW
Authentication for devices bound to users O O O O O X O X X
User self-confirmation O X X X X X X X X
Biometric authentication (FIDO) O X X X X X X X X
Authentication related to specific user devices O X X X X X X X X
Easy, fast "NO typing" access O X X X X X X X X
Prevent Brute force attacks O O O X O O X X X
For technical use of blockchain (anti-fabrication) O X X X X X X X X
Isolation/Distributed data O X X X X X X X X

excelKEY vs Google OTP

Category Google OTP eXelkey 2nd authentication eXelkey 2nd authentication differentiation
Security To create an authentication code Created by OTP module (Time based) Request User-Based (Optional) Direct Generation Create real-time on authentication request
Save Source Data Save Source No Source Maximize security by storing personal information and credentials in distributed nodes and block chains.
Store source data for comparison on server Blockchain, separation distribution on distributed nodes
authentication method 6-8 digits random number Pin code, pattern, Bio (biodiversity information) Various means of authentication are provided
Prevention of Assumption X O Authentication using FIDO to compensate for vulnerability to speculative attacks
Generate code with 6-8 digits Support for authentication using biometric information, numbers, and characters
Non-Repudiation X O Digital signature method using user's key
S/W Independence open source base BaaSid Self-Development and Development of FIDO-related security modules Complement attack vulnerability to open source
Server transaction Compare the code entered by the client with the code generated by the server Receive only authentication results in separate authentication sessions Identifying devices that pass through their IPs and packets only
Convenience/Expandability Account Google Account Registration Register simple account through all mail and SNS All types of primary and secondary authentication are available
Register user User registers in multiple steps Easy registration with QR code scan Provides ease of registration for users
User Identification X O Identifying users based on their own authentication
Extensibility X O 2nd Certification App Operates Exclusive

Introduction to eXcelKey service details

  • ① Device unique value + FIDO + BaaSid Key → Authentication of your device
  • ② Subscribe with your Google, Line account etc. in only one second (all SNS and message will be linked in the future)
  • ③ Even if Google, Line, and other linked SNS accounts are leaked, they will only work on your dedicated device
  • ④ Strong terminal-oriented authentication that identifies only your device IP and normal packets
  • ① Create one-time QR code and scan to complete new registration in one second
  • ② In case of loss of phone, re-register with composite authentication (E-mail + SMS, E-mail + Personal Information Input)
  • ③ Various authentication methods such as FIDO, biometric authentication, pin number and pattern are available.
  • ④ Authentication without the hassle of remembering and entering a separate OTP number